The Thrills And Joys Of Drinking

What we all love doing in life is enjoying, being happy and having adventures in life and one of the best ways to have an adventure and enjoy is to have a bit too much alcohol and get tipsy. Alcohol affects all our systems of the body through the blood stream and it affects our brain very soon and very highly. Alcohol slows up our brain activity and takes our minds to a maniac state. Most of the people these days are likely to drink and smoke than back in the days and even though there are age limits in different countries for minors, we still see minors engaging in the consumption of alcohol as well. Alcohol nevertheless gives you are relaxation and enjoyment that you cannot have by being sober. Yet alcohol is too good to be true, it has its downsides.
Into the next level
Well some people draw the line at alcohol but there are many who are ready to take risks and cross line. Now how do we cross the line and get adventurous than on alcohol? Well to the cross the line and enter the next level there are many means but most of them are illegal at all times and this means are by consuming drugs. Even though drugs are illegal we still see many people using cocaine, crack, heroin, crystal meth and other methamphetamine influenced drugs. All these drugs are real crazy. Doing drugs, a person would realize the phrase that “happiness cannot be bought for money” is a false statement because you can literary buy happiness. Drugs such as MDMA which is influenced by methamphetamine increases the levels of your dopamine and serotonin, which are the hormones influenced in making a human happy. Despite how happy and adventurous you can be while on drugs it has huge negative aspects as well.
The downside of alcohol and drugs
When talking about alcohol and its negative effects there are many to talk about as alcohol runs throughout the body to every system. All the systems are affected badly yet some organs are affected the worse. The brain, liver and the pancreas are affected the most. Some people even tend to get addicted to alcohol that they have to settle alcohol treatment centers.
Drugs have always been way worse than alcohol and it’s a main reason why most of them are illegal, it may excel your creativity and make you happy but it takes back much in return for the few hours you enjoy. Most of these drugs affect mainly to the brain and can damage your brain where you can end up being dead or a mentally damaged person. These drugs have huge addiction level unlike alcohol and special rehabs are available. Specifically, there are rehab for ice addiction for people addicted with crystal meth and other methamphetamine influenced drugs.
What we can conclude is that no matter how beneficial and adventurous drugs and alcohol are there are downsides like many other things in life. So when going through stuff as such it is always better to know your limits and try to be sober at most times.